Sep 26, 2017

New to the site?

Welcome! Looking for more information about our products? Use the links above to navigate the site and leave us a comment if you have any questions! Hint: checkbook, notebook, and binder covers are all found in "Covers."

Jul 13, 2017

What's new!

There has not been many updates on this site this year! Mostly because I started working outside the home at the end of 2016 and life has been busy. Last year, with both of my kids in school I found that I had a lot of time to fill and I was longing to go back to the work I did before having kids. I now work part-time while the kids are in school and it has been a wonderful transition for our family!

After a busy year adjusting to my new schedule I am beginning to find the perfect balance between work, free time, and creative outlet. For rbtbags that means new fall colors and the addition of monograms and customization for our products. Check back for more news soon!

Visit the new Gallery for pictures of customized products. I often have customers asking to see more examples of prints. I wish Etsy allowed me to share more pictures but, even if they did, making up every combination from our 12+ current prints would be a huge endeavor. I am planning to keep updating the gallery with pictures of customer orders. These will just be quick snap shots on my phone before I ship products out but I think they will be helpful for you all!

Talk to you soon,