Oct 7, 2014


I have to say I love blank walls.  In other people's homes.  A wall that is blank or has just one fabulous focal point is so clean and fresh feeling. Sadly, I've never been able to recreate that feeling in my own home.  I see a blank wall and I hear it crying out for me to cover it up. We've had 3 homes in our 10 years so there's been quite a few blank walls for me to mangle. I'm always up to the challenge.

After our most recent move I told myself I would hold back a bit. Try to keep my walls feeling less cluttered. Sigh. I've filled up quite a few walls and quite a few pinterest boards with ideas for the empty ones. Might be time to give up on that understated modern look I love elsewhere.

When it comes to filling large expanses of wall I'm always looking for inexpensive and creative ideas. We aren't at a point in our lives where buying one of a kind art is practical although really I'm not sure if that will ever be a priority for me.  I enjoy filling our home with things I've made or the kids have made and I especially love displaying family photos.

We have owned our current home for a little over 4 years but rented it out for a year and a half due to a job transfer.  When we moved back home I managed to convince my husband to convert our mostly unused living room into a dining room.  We have plenty of space in the basement for relaxing and the kitchen dining area was too small to entertain our family and friends.  I think we were both a little nervous about how this would turn out but it is hands down my favorite change we have made to our home.

We built our dining table and the shelves around the faux fireplace (the mantle was a craigslist find).  I painted the chairs and recovered the seats.  New curtains were found and a light fixture was relocated.  All small and inexpensive changes that make our home ours.  I love how blogging and pinterest have inspired families to customize their homes and make them infinitely more liveable for the people who live there.  But I digress...

This post is about the big blank wall to the left of our dining table. It used to be where my piano sat before we moved it to keep this room as open as possible for large gatherings. After browsing online for weeks I finally decided I wanted some sort of family timeline on that wall. I knew I wanted it to resemble an actual timeline (love them) but I couldn't find inspiration for exactly what I wanted so I sketched it out then made a list of important milestones to feature.

Our timeline includes:
  • How we met
  • Our engagement
  • Our wedding
  • The first home we purchased
  • Our current home
  • A map that signifies our move from Florida to Tennessee
  • The births of our children
  • Current family pictures
I also included several scripture verses that symbolize important moments for our family. I had to purchase a few frames and print some photos but I already owned most of what I needed so this ended up being a thrifty way to fill a large space. Surrounding each event I included a small plaque with dates and details. I hand painted these and it took a long time but I love how it turned out. There isn't space to add on to our timeline but our family is complete so I feel pretty confident that I can just update the last 2 frames (current family photos) and keep our timeline relevant for years.

As far as how I created the actual timeline I used a Sharpie paint pen (I love these by the way) to create the lines. I hung the frames and plaques them drew more lines with my Sharpie to "connect" the plaques to the appropriate frames. 



Do you try to fill your blank walls or manage to keep them simple and clutter free?  Lucky enough to have gorgeous artwork? Love to display family photos? I'd love to know because I've got a few walls that are still naked!

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