Oct 1, 2014

priming kitchen cabinets for painting (post #3)

I spent my morning searching for dried corn husks.  SO frustrating!  Darn Pinterest gives me these awesome ideas and sometimes finding the supplies is such a pain.  I've already tried 5 stores but looks like I'll be heading out later to continue the search.

I'm back today to continue my cabinet transformation series.  I've already shared how I removed the cabinets doors and sanded them and today I'll talk about priming.

I used Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel Oil Primer.  It is $23 a quart and I needed 2 quarts but I got it 30% off so I ended up spending about $35 on primer. I needed an oil based primer because the paint on this black buffet (picture from waaay back) was oil based.  I confirmed with the pros at Sherwin Williams that I was good to paint latex paint over this oil based primer.  The paint on the buffet was awful - sticky and uneven and even after sanding I was doubtful primer would cover the imperfections but it did.  I was very happy with it.

I think this product can be tinted but I used it straight from the can.  The description online says it is white but it looked like a light grey to me.  If it had been a truer white I think I may have only needed 2 coats of paint on the cabinets instead of 3.  I applied it with a 4-inch wide foam roller and an angled brush to get in the grooves.

I wanted to let each coat dry for 24 hours.  Since I have 30 cabinet doors I needed to have them all spread out for the painting process (or this would have taken twice as long!).  My basement looked like this for a good 10 days.  It was a great place to paint though because I could open up all the windows and turn on fans.  Bonus... the TV was close by.

I'm not sure it matters what side you start on but I did the backs first {let dry for 24 hours} then the fronts.  I used board games and books to keep things elevated but this primer is sticky so use wax paper between the cabinets and your props.  The primer is sticky enough that I wondered if it wasn't drying but the finish after paint is perfect.  Go sticky primer!

I used the same 4" foam roller and angled brush to prime the cabinet frames.  In this picture you can see the drawer fronts under the sink that I couldn't figure out how to remove.  It was super tricky to paint them without letting them close and then we kept bumping them accidentally.  Definitely try to figure out how to remove all drawer fronts!

I've always wanted to have some open shelving in the kitchen... until I saw this picture.  Yikes!  I'm sure it would look better if the insides of my cabinets were painted.  No way was that happening.  Glad to be certain I am a hide-your-crap-behind-cabinet-doors type of gal though.

I only did one coat of primer.  It took about 6 hours but my husband helped with the cabinet frames so maybe longer if you are on your own.  Or shorter if you don't have kids...

Painting up next!

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