Sep 23, 2014

Neutral No-Sew Fabric Banner

I saw this idea floating around on Pinterest and knew it was perfect for the fall/winter mantle I have planned.  It took me about an hour from start to finish but would take longer without a rotary cutter and mat.  This project cost me about $4 for shimmery gold and silver fabric that I had to run out and buy.  The rest of the fabric is scraps and I always have plenty of string.

I knew I wanted all neutrals so I just dug through my stash for all the white, tan, ivory, and gold fabric.  My fabric pieces hang down about 10" from the string.  For a similar look you want you your fabric pieces to be about 22" long.

I folded my fabric to make the cutting go faster.  This piece just happened to be about 22" long so I folded it over to be 11-ish inches long and cut the strip 2" wide.  I did alternating widths on all my strips so they are 1", 1.5" and 2".  There are about 100 strips of fabric on my banner.

After all your strips are cut just knot them on to a string and you are done!  I found they look best with one side of the fabric hanging in front and the other side in back.  I didn't worry too much about them being perfectly even in length and tied them on in a random order.

My mantle isn't looking super stylish these days but I'm recovering from surgery so all those cards from family and friends cheer me up whenever I walk by.

In the next couple weeks I want to figure out a way to attach a power strip to the inside of my "fireplace" so that I can get some white twinkle lights going on top.  My fall and winter Pinterest boards are full of gorgeous neutral holiday decorating ideas.  I am awful at building a "look" over time because I want it done right this second but I know I can do it cheaper (and prettier!) if I think it over a while first.  Hopefully next time you visit I'll be a little closer to the holiday feel I am wanting.

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Howard and Sandy said...

Love it! - Makes me want some apple cider!