Sep 24, 2014

how i painted my kitchen cabinets white (post #1)

I have read about a hundred "how to paint your kitchen cabinets" posts. Guess what? Every single person did it a different way. Ugh.  I really wanted a comprehensive explanation of process, supplies, and time.  I also wanted to know more about the durability of painted cabinets but didn't find much real-life, we-have-kids-who-kick-stuff, the-kitchen-is-a-super-high-traffic-area experience.

So I'm just going to share how I decided to paint our cabinets.  I will definitely be updating here with how the paint holds up (hint: good so far!).  Before I get to the painting process, let's start with before pictures.

We bought our house in 2010 and the kitchen was my favorite room.  I love the space in the kitchen, the bar area, the number of cabinets, and the view of the back yard.  I hated pretty much everything else but we put up a little paint and hung some curtains and lived with it for a while long time.  I'm glad we did because 4 years ago painting the cabinets would have been too big a challenge for me.  Time has made me more patient and more committed to doing things the right way the first time.

I'm sure in the archives of this blog I have pictures of us tiling the room and painting the walls (a couple times).  This used to be a place I shared family photos and casual updates on our home renovation adventures so those posts won't be too helpful but you can search if you are looking for a laugh.

About a year after we moved in we relocated some garage cabinets to the kitchen to make a buffet/desk area.  We have no pantry so the extra cabinet space was awesome.  Unfortunately this was pre-Pinterest, back when finding information about painting furniture was not as easy.  Knowing I couldn't match the cabinets I chose to paint the buffet black and I used oil based paint.  We had so many problems with paint bubbling and the finished paint was glossy and sticky and gross.  So I knew this was another area I wanted to address when painting the cabinets.

Four years after buying the house we found ourselves with a semi-updated kitchen but I was never going to grow to love those light wood cabinets.  No such thing as a perfect time for a huge mess so one Monday morning I just went at it.  My husband was a little surprised when he came home.  Just a little though.  I looove a good project.

So let's get started... if you want to come back and follow the progress I will tell you the cabinets cost less than $100 and took about 60 hours (yikes!).

FIRST STEP // Remove all your cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

This took me longer than I thought, about 2 hours (I had 30+ cabinet doors/drawer fronts).  There were a few cabinet doors (on a corner cabinet) and some drawer fronts (those pull down ones under the sink) that I couldn't figure out how to remove.  It was a little more work to paint them but they turned out just fine.

I put all my cabinet hardware in a bag and didn't pay attention to which hinge went to which door.  I read a lot that said you should number each piece of hardware so you know exactly where it goes.  That way when you re-hang them they will be straight.  I didn't do this because my hinges don't have any adjustment spots on them.  Didn't think it would matter BUT I do think it made them a little harder to hang back up so my advice would be to do it!  Maybe draw a diagram of your kitchen on poster board and tape the hinges to the poster board where they belong?  I didn't have to worry about numbering my doors and drawer fronts because they are all different sizes.  

The next step is sanding and I'll be back with that in a few days so check back!

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Jenna said...

I love it, I'm addicted to furniture painting. You did a great job!