Jan 16, 2013

Responsibility chart.

Watch out folks!  A picture of our apartment is about to finally make it onto the blog!  Lately our living room is looking a lot like this...

... because of this...

... woohoo!  (His room looks the same by the way.)

I've been eyeing this responsibility chart (by Melissa & Doug) for a couple months.  Don't know why it took me so long to buy it?  It was $16 (closer to $20 now though).  

We've only had this for 3 days so we'll see if it sticks but so far I am in love.  Carson really seems to like getting all his magnets up each day (ASAP).  A little like crossing things off a list... wonder who he gets that from?  

For us, the top part of this chart is daily tasks.  These are things he is required to do and he will get an allowance for being a responsible member of the family.

The bottom part of the chart has a bunch of "extra" chores he can do (take out trash, empty dishwasher, help with laundry).  He can earn extra money by doing these things (without being asked and without complaining) but they aren't required.  They may be at some point (when he is older certainly) but for now he is a child and he should enjoy it.

There are also several magnets that say things like "sharing" and "not whining".  In our house these things are not rewarded because they are expected.  However, I am thinking of some kind of system where ice cream after school or a one-on-one date with mommy/daddy might be a fun treat for extra special behavior.

Here's hoping this sticks!!

Jan 2, 2013

Favorite Things 2012.

It's that time again.  Time to remember some of my favorite things from the past year.  This is probably my favorite blog post of the year, so pumped!

1.  My Fitness Pal.
Super awesome calorie counting website.  20 lb down (was 23... then Christmas).  'Nuff said.

2.  Mat Kearney.
This guy actually made it on last year's list but he is still a favorite.  I don't know if it's his voice or the sound of his music but twice in the past few months I have heard a song on TV (once on a preview and once on Ellen), immediately googled the lyrics, and BAM!  Mat Kearney.  Again.  Why am I even surprised anymore?  Love.  (current favorites:  Ships in the Night, Sooner or Later, Count On Me)

3.  Soma Sensuous Sides Bra.
Not cheap ($48) but I've never believed in cheap bras (maybe if my gals were smaller?).  There is something magical about this bra.  It really pushes "everything" front and center.  My mom and I were recently sucked in.  Fun fact:  The Soma bra fitter commented on how similar my mom and I are built.  Nice.

4.  Essie nail polish.
My college roommate Alissa got me stuck on this.  Really (seriously) superior to the cheap polish I've always purchased at Wal-Mart.  This stuff lasts and lasts.  Current wishlist:  Mojito Madness, California Coral, Pretty Edgy.

5.  Emerald green.
Finally!  I L.O.V.E. green and this year's Pantone color of the year is Emerald.  Last year it was that fun bright orange which was nice but not quite so wearable.  I fully intent to embrace this trend.

6.  Paypal.
This site is so darn handy.  I am constantly impressed with how efficient and effective this site is.  I use it daily for business (rbtbags) and pleasure (Matilda Jane, sending money to family) and love.  Thought something I use this much deserved a spot.

7.  Curry.
My friend Camille got me addicted to the curry at a local Thai place.  My new favorite food.  One of these days I'm going to learn how to make it at home.  Kind of tricky when our small town doesn't have an Asian specialty food store.

8.  Ann Taylor LOFT Curvy fit jeans.
I've always been jealous of people that have a specific brand of jeans that always fit.  Well... now I am one of those people.  The Loft curvy fit jeans always works for me (modern fit = not so much).  Whether it's boot cut, skinny, or flare... as long as it says curvy it's gonna fit.  Yay for me!  Death to them if they ever change this.

9.  Favorite movie of the year:  The Dark Knight Rises.
There's just no accounting for my taste in films.  Love a good butt kicking movie.  Love Christian Bale.  Love Joseph Gordon-Levitt (for the first time since 10 Things I Hate About You).  Usually dislike Anne Hathaway but loved her here.  2nd favorite = the last Twilight movie.  Most anticipated movies for 2013:  The Great  Gatsby, Fast & Furious Six, Star Trek Into Darkness (this one's at the top), The Lost Symbol. 

10.  Werther's caramel apple filled candies.
So yummy and only 30 calories per candy.

11.  Duck Dynasty.
There's just no explaining my love for this show.  I've also been loving the show Revenge.  

I feel like I'm leaving things off so I may update this later.