Nov 29, 2011

Around the house update.

Our home project posts are pretty much nonexistent these days.  I think the bathroom did us in.  You may remember this post where I talked about wanting new bedding for our bedroom (yep, it was from May).  I finally got 'er done about a month ago.

I was inspired this picture I found on pinterest.

I was looking for an accent color and just loved the coral.  Maybe not John's favorite but we've been married long enough now that he knows I'm not going to go for navy and hunter green. Ha.

So I found a new quilt at Ross for a steal and made some new shams.  John even helped me hot glue some coral ribbon onto our lampshades.  What a helper he is.

Still need to line the drapes behind the bed so that the offset window behind them isn't so glaringly obvious.  I want some more coral in the room too.  Needs more color.  At this rate I'll probably get that done in 2013.

A few months ago John stripped the deck so we could re-stain it.  The main areas are done but all the rails and exterior are not.  Now that it's cold and wet who knows when that will get done.  It's looking good though!

This weekend I finally did a quick sewing project I've been putting off for over a year.  In 2009 I made us stockings.  I bought enough for 4 since we were trying to get pregnant.  Lucky us I got pregnant the month after I made them and now (2 years later) we have a matching set.

Still missing a fireplace though.  Next time.  You hear that honey?

Nov 7, 2011

DIY TV cord cover

I made something this morning and I thought it was pretty hand so I'm sharing.  We've had this little problem in our bedroom for over a year now:

Yucky cords.  I was going to order a cord cover from amazon for about $16 but then thought I could probably make something pretty easily.  If you have the same dilemma and want to DIY a solution you need this:

  • A cardboard tube (mine was the center of a roll of fabric) cut to the length you need
  • Scissors
  • Paint (wall color)
  • Paintbrush
  • Flat head thumb tacks
  • Hershey Kisses (optional)
First, cut your tube down the middle and fold in each side about 1/2 inch (enough to fit the width of your thumb tack).  Down to 4 Hershey Kisses now.

Position your tube on the wall where you want it then open it up and secure one side to the wall with your thumb tacks.  Be careful not to pin your cords!

Bring the tube around and capture all your cords inside.  The shape of my cardboard was pretty stiff so on the other side I just needed a top and bottom tack to keep the tube closed around my cords.  I cut a little slit at the top and bottom and used more tacks to secure (I was out of flat heads).

Then I painted my tube.

Done!  Not quite dry yet but I wasn't patient enough to wait.  

Took about 20 minutes and completely F.R.E.E.  No Hershey Kisses left though.

Go me!