Sep 29, 2011

Fall is out.

Last week I built a shelf in the kitchen.  Oh yeah.  I've been wanting a spot for seasonal decor (that the kids can't reach) and the kitchen seemed the most logical place.  Since I spend what feels like most of my time there.  

I'm actually pretty proud that I managed it on my own.  Bought the big huge board, cut it down to the right size, sanded it, painted it, nailed in the brackets, hung the shelf, and attached L-brackets up top to make it more sturdy.  Getting it up there was an interesting sight that involved bar stools, buckets, and books stacked on top of the bar until I found the right height.

I really should have waited for John (since he would have done it in like 10 minutes and it took me an hour) but I wanted him to come home and be impressed with my handiness.  Gotta keep things exciting, right?

Every day I move around my accessories (like a dork).  I made a little candy corn banner to "fall" it up a bit more.  It's reversible to a leaf print that says "Happy Fall".  Fun, right?!

Oh, and I labored over that "skirt" on the bar too.  I was over the black paint and wanted to add some color.  That thing took me 8 hours but it was SO worth it.  Even my husband appreciates it.