Jul 11, 2011

The Bathroom is DONE

Almost 4 months after this demo post, the master bathroom is done!!  We've actually been using it for about a month but I've spent the last couple days painting trim and doing some finishing touches.

Then tonight I went a little crazy with the camera.  A million pictures for what feels like a million hours of work.  Ha.  I should talk.  Really it's my darling husband that did most of the work.  I was more in the inspiration camp for this project.

Here's a little snippet from that demo post...

Budget:  $1,000 (or less, we're thrifty people)
Time Frame:  Hoping to be done by May 1st
Potential budget buster:  Frameless glass shower doors

So how did we end up?

Budget:  I would guess somewhere in the $1,300 range.  Not too bad but definitely not within our budget (are we ever?)
Time Frame:  Um, it's July 11th, so a little over 2 months past the deadline
Potential budget buster:  No shower doors.  Turns out we didn't need any one budget busting item.  We can go over budget all on our own.  We did manage to keep ourselves from buying the usual celebratory towels we purchase when we finish a bathroom makeover (big or small - we love us some new towels).  I really want them though.

On to the pictures... before and after style.

So much more space with this pedestal sink.

Love this cabinet instead of the previous shelves.

Just, whoa.

Not missing that yucky door.

Or this blue tile.

Yep, we did that.  Always a good feeling.

Favorites:  love this sink ~ shampoo shelf ~ so glad John suggested the glass tile accent ~ we left the window open one morning and a little bird friend flew in (and "christened" my shower curtain - gross)

There it is folks.  No more master bath remodel talk for this gal.  As we speak my husband is fixing these problems and then we'll be done.

What's next?  Getting rid of the bees that are inhabiting the old A/C unit on our deck.  Then possibly painting the kitchen grey.  I am so over the green.


Howard & Sandy said...

But the green is great! - I guess I just don't care for gray - kind of a down color for me.

Anonymous said...

I vote no to grey also. I will consider another color, but not grey.