Jun 14, 2011

The Anti Progress

This post goes out to everybody who says our projects always turn out so well and go so smoothly.  This is how our hallway and guest bath and basement and master bath are looking this evening:

It all started with trying to improve the ugly shower knobs we were too cheap to replace before we did the new tile.  Then there was a water spraying event in the bathroom (all 4 of us were in there).  That resulted in me frantically trying to stop the flow of water while John ran to shut the water to the house off.  Then the baby slipped in the water that was everywhere and bashed her face on the shower ledge.  Poor baby, no blood but definitely a bruise.

So now my dad is here trying to save us and we still have no water.  Oh yeah, and somewhere during this... the water in the shower (from the big leak) was supposed to drain down through our new shower pan but the shower drain is apparently clogged (from some construction debris no doubt) so the water backed up and leaked into the basement.  That's what that big tub's all about.

I just want to hide in the bathroom with bubbles and a good book.  But there's no water.


Gretchen said...

:( I'm so sorry! UGH! UGH! UGH!!

mirandagail said...

Oh, B, I am SO sorry! Just because SOME of us ;) are a little envious of yours and John's great productivity, does not mean we would wish this on you!! We have to have hero's to inspire us! This is VERY sad :( I hope your Dad is able to save you quickly and permanently!!