May 26, 2011

Will this bathroom ever be done?

Here we are almost a month after our deadline...

The shower tile is DONE.  (Sorry about the cell pictures, camera is broken).  I doubt I will ever be able to convince my husband to do subway tile again.  It took forever.  I love it though.  We still have to grout (and remove those spacers obviously) then finish up the plumbing.

John got started on the floor today but we ran out of gooky stuff so it will have to be finished up another day.

Once the shower is finished and grouted we just have to install baseboards, crown molding, and other trim pieces.  A few paint touch ups and we'll be done!  Only a month late (hopefully).

You may remember from this post that I wanted to find an extra long white shower curtain.  Well I've searched and searched and just could not find one for a price that I would actually pay.  However, in my search I did find this little number:

I just fell in love with those ruffles at the bottom.  Poor John.  After concluding that there was no way I would pay $212 for this curtain (at Horchow) I did a little thinking and decided I could make it.  I found a thick white flat sheet at Goodwill for $1.99 and hemmed the bottom and sides so that it would be the same size as the extra longer shower curtain liner I ordered from  Then I found some scrap white fabric in my craft closet and made the ruffles (doubt I will ever do ruffles again - SO much work).  Ta da!

Extra long shower curtain for $1.99.  Can't wait to see it up!

- - -

In other news, the basement is slowly coming along.  The new furniture and TV are here... (John is already making good use of it)

... and I've made a little progress with filling the blank walls.

I'm loving my circle art in the "kid" corner.  Scraps of craft paper cut into circles and mod podged to a white wrapped canvas I used a coupon for.  Still looking for ideas for all the other walls and fun fabric to cover the tan throw pillows on the couch.

There you go.  Consider yourself updated.


Kim said...

The subway tile looks AMAZING. Good job Becky and John!! I'm so impressed.

Gretchen said...

I am impressed with the shower - I know you'll be glad to get it done!