May 5, 2011

Bathroom Update Plus 5

Alternate Title:  Lowes Loved Us Today

John was off today and we did some major work in the bathroom.  Major like John went to Lowes 6 times.  Thankfully we live about half a mile from said store.

I am beat tonight but every few minutes I wander into the bathroom, turn the (halfway working) light on and smile.

I am in L.O.V.E. with this sink.  Ahh, the bathroom feels so much more spacious now.  In a perfect world the sink would be moved to the right a bit but the sink drain could not be moved so I'll deal.  I try not to look over here:

At least we only have the easy parts left!  Tile is nothing compared to the tedious pursuit of plumbing perfection.

And while we're talking about almost done home improvement products I'll give you a little preview of our bedroom.

It's getting there.  I love my curtain wall but don't like my too thin curtain solution so I'll be searching for some kind of cheap material to use for lining.  Haven't figured out my bedding/pillow idea or re-hung any art/pictures.  Once I get to this "almost" spot I tend to get tired and wait months for the finishing touches.

Oh, and in case you spied the sleeping sweetie on my bed - here's a close up.

Oh, the cuteness!

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