May 13, 2011

11 Incomplete Projects

We are doing a few quick updates to the basement.  It was a gross mud/melted chocolate ice cream color when we moved in and basically felt like a cave.  If this space was only for John it may have stayed cave-like (per his request) but since it's also my craft space and the kids main play area I wanted to brighten it up a bit.  First up was light grey paint (our mother's day project) but it is still not quite finished... thus the post title.  And since I love lists...

1)  I've got a lot of other little projects going on but let's not forget the big one... the bathroom.  Just waiting for John to be off again so that we can finish the shower tile.

2) Put all the switch and plug plates back on and replace the random black plugs with white ones.

3)  Paint and install molding around "craft center" to make a frame.  By the way, this is easily my favorite part of our new improved basement and SO easy to do.  Notice my subtle white chevron stripes?  I was dying to have chevron somewhere.

4)  Finish grey paint.  It may be hard to see but I haven't painted all the way around the inside of the windows.  I have some new roman shades coming to replace these beat up blinds (got 'em on EXTREME discount at JCPenney - yay!) and I'm waiting for the new shades to get here before I remove these blinds and finish painting.  Our basement at night gives me the heebie jeebies so I need the blinds.

5)  Our basement sports a really hot suspended ceiling (thank you previous owners) so I decided to spiff it up with some paint (surprise?).  John declared that I was completely on my own for this one and I've been doing it in small sections because my arms are SO sore.  I have one small-ish section left.  I painted it grey - one shade lighter than the walls.

6)  I was over the red curtain we had hanging so moved the old drapes from our bedroom down to the basement.  They are a little long so I need to hem them.

7)  Trim.  Blech.  I hate painting trim but there are yards and yards of baseboard and crown molding that needs to be painted.  Especially in spots like this where my husband (the official wall roller) missed.

8)  Curtains.  You can't tell from this picture but those stripes are a dark teal.  My budget for this basement is basically non-existent so I found an old white bedsheet (left over from another project) and made some short curtains.  Then painted stripes on them with a $2.50 paint sample from Lowes.  One down.  Three to go.  I hated them at first (that's why I only made one) but their lightness is growing on me.  Especially when I think about the dark cherry bamboo blinds I eventually want to get for these 2 windows to replace the old blinds.  I know you're reading this honey, thoughts?

9)  I took this bookcase off the wall (it used to be where the new craft pegboard is).  I am loving it for my new craft corner but it needs some paint.  I'm thinking the teal color from the curtains?  Maybe with bright yellow for the back of the shelves?  That will go with the DIY art I have in mind for above the couch.

10)  My dad made me this handy thread holder a couple Christmases ago.  Need to paint it and hang it.

11)  Lastly, need to find a new home for the couch.  It's on craigslist so we'll see.  Has to be gone by next Friday because that's when the new one comes.  New couch = reason for my non-existent makeover budget.

Well, there you go.  That's what is running through my mind lately.  I'll have some completed before and after shots hopefully in a couple weeks.

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Mandie said...

Sounds like you are keeping yourselves busy! :) We have lots of projects too, but they are only on a list instead of in action. :(

We did buy paint for the nursery, but it has yet to be put on the walls!