Apr 18, 2011

Sneak peak.

Ahh!!  I am so stinkin' excited about how our master bedroom redo is coming along.  Here's a teeny preview...

Yep, that's a bed sheet hanging there.  Wanted to make sure white was the for-sure color before I invested in fabric.  The sheet worked out so nicely that I may just buy king flat sheets to hang and line 'em (cheaper than curtains!).  There will be another smaller panel to the left of the lamp so that the curtains cover the whole wall.

Still haven't decided on bedding although it for sure won't be any kind of set (for me, matching sets = boring).  Hopefully I can find some fun shams to go with the ivory quilt I already have.  Maybe a fun ruffled accent pillow (DIY?).

I am just loving my thrifty update.  Oh, and these walls are proof that one can be in love with a paint color.  I want to paint the whole house this color (I'm sure I'll calm down soon).

p.s. That bed sheet is hanging from a $2 piece of metal conduit John helped me rig up.  REAL thrifty there.

1 comment:

Mandie said...

I love it! It looks amazing! I need you to come to my house next! lol