Apr 16, 2011

Bath: week 5

Skip weeks 2 - 4.  Not much to update there.  It took forever to get all the old stuff out and then make decisions about what's going back in.

So we've now used up 90% of our budget and the status is this:

The durock is up in the shower and the shower pan (floor) is completed.  Next step is drywall in the rest of the room.

Here's my plan:

Every thing is purchased except supply type items and the floor tile (looks like we'll go a little bit over budget).  The subway shaped tile is for the shower and the slate angle pieced tiles are for the shower floor (some of these sheets were missing a little tile and we got them for $1.50, what!).

The bottom right picture has the shower curtain I'm searching for.  White extra long - I love how it looks going all the way to the ceiling.

The bath redo has inspired a little bedroom update.  Our room had to be repainted anyway because I used flat (mistake) and my son sits on our bed and crawls his dirty feet up our walls.

I'm making great progress there but not ready to post pictures yet.  Here's the inspiration for that... from my very favorite blog (younghouselove).

Our bedroom is small and has a very similar shape to this room.  So I'm stealing the paint color (Glidden's Gentle Tide) for our bed and bath and I'm almost done recreating the short wall they made to hide their curtain hardware.  See:

They did it to make their built in closets look more custom but I'm going to create a wall of curtains behind our bed to hide the fact that the window in our room was installed off-center.

I also picked up some swing arm lamps and installed them last night.  Sadly, there will be no gorgeous chandelier.  Too practical for that.  Our room is the warmest in the house and we need a ceiling fan.

So there you go... all these paint/design choices have been running through my brain for weeks.  When I get in this mood I become a little anti-social and tend to hole up plotting and planning.

Hope to have more progress pictures soon!

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Anonymous said...

Who installed the durarock? it looks professionally done.