Mar 14, 2011

Master Bath Demo.

Friday morning our super-sized tax refund magically appeared in our checking account.  Sadly, by Friday afternoon it had all been bill pay-ed back out.  Wish it would have stuck around longer but at least it means no more...

  • student loan debt (that was the last of 'em!)
  • had-a-baby and stuck the bills on my Old Navy card to accumulate points debt
  • lawn mower/new tires/gas for trips to Florida/home improvement projects debt

Our debts now consist of only our house and John's car on our HELOC.  Such a good feeling!  So good, in fact, that we decided to start a new project... perhaps accumulating new debt?  Hopefully not.  

I actually wasn't sure if the next project was going to be the (teeny tiny) master bathroom, new windows (which we're going to tackle on our own), or the back deck.  Then on Saturday night John start ripping beadboard off the walls in our bathroom and that sealed the deal.  Updated master bath it is!!

Reason for renovation:  Horribly mildewy powder blue tile and ridiculous over use of beadboard.  Plus, kitchens and baths sell houses - it's a sure bet we'll be moving again - and our master bath needs H.E.L.P!
Budget:  $1,000 (or less, we're thrifty people)
Time Frame:  Hoping to be done by May 1st
Potential budget buster:  Frameless glass shower doors 

This weekend we (by "we" I mean John) did demo.  I was not optimistic that behind the beadboard on the walls (and ceiling?) there would be perfect drywall that we could paint.  Good thing because behind the beadboard there were 2 layers of wallpaper.  Also the previous owners used about 400 nails in this small bathroom and there is no way we could patch up all this drywall.  

So it looks like this is a complete remodel - walls and all.  We still need to do more drywall demo and take out the shower and floor tile.  Then it will be time for new drywall and cement board.  It seems overwhelming but then I remember how nice our last bath remodel (in Florida) turned out...

... and I can't wait for that first shower in my new mildew-free bathroom.

Warning:  I'm going crazy with the before and after shots.  The before shots are from our walk through of the house before we bought it.  Forgot to take before pics of how we've been living in there before John started the demo. 

Shower area:  We had previously removed the old shower door.  This weekend we took off beadboard above the shower tile.  New tile will go to the ceiling.  

Sink/toilet area:  Took down shelves - the room already feels bigger.  A small cabinet for toiletries will go up instead.  Here's where we found our fun old wallpaper, navy floral and pale blue daisy.  Nice.

Sink/window area:  All gone. Y.E.S.

View from the shower:

And the unexpected "treat" of the weekend... apparent water damage under the beadboard on the ceiling.

I know you're all so jealous right now... you really wish you could help, right?!  I'm sure time will fly by and my bathroom will be done soon.  In the meantime (while my helpful husband is away at work) I'll do what I usually do when a project overwhelms me...

Keep the door shut.


Jason and Gretchen said...

Can't wait to see the final "after" pictures. That is a lot of beadboard! That also would explain the water pipe issue that John mentioned on Facebook? These always make me so jealous, I just can't convince Jason to do these projects when he does this stuff all day. :(

Lisa said...

Aaaaack! This would cause frequent heart palpitations and nervous breakdowns for me. We just redid the kids' bathroom, (but didn't have to do the drywall). The end product is totally worth all the time and stress of fixing it! But stressful it is! I thought you were going to say, "I do what I usually do when a project overwhelms me...TAKE A BATH." LOL. Guess you can't do that! (Wait, does this bathroom even have a tub?)