Mar 26, 2011

$8 Laundry Room Update

John was off today so the bathroom was on the agenda.  After a half hour of floor tile demo John decided that project was going to have to wait for another day.  The tiles are coming off in itty bitty pieces.  We're going to need more power before we finish that. (Like my Home Improvement reference?)

As much as I want the bathroom done (that May 1st in-my-head-deadline is quickly approaching) I was excited to work on another project.  Yep.  Another one.  I have a project list a mile long.

This time it was the laundry room.  It looked like this when we toured our house.  Sidenote:  Apologies to the previous owners of our house because you've seen all their crap - but I always forget to take my own "before" pictures.

Even without all that stuff it was seriously yuck.  The walls were dirty white with bits of purple from a previous paint job showing through.  The pipes on the ceiling were covered with inches of dust.  The floors were scratched and gross.  I remembered to take a picture of the floors before we covered them up.

I realize it is only a laundry room but I do spend a little time in there (not a lot - I fold in front of the TV usually) and I wanted it spruced up a bit.

So I vacuumed everything (even the pipes on the ceiling).   We picked up a gallon of paint from Wal-Mart (that's the $8) and covered everything.  All the pipes, tubes, paneling, and funky gadgets.  Then we got out the peel 'n stick linoleum tiles that were in the storage room when we moved in.  The tiles were leftovers from the kitchen flooring (that we covered with ceramic) and had a receipt dated 1999 on them so I was praying they would actually stick.

They did.  Voila!  It's still a basement laundry room and I've got more planned for it (surprise) but it looks a whole lot fresher (yep, fresher).

Feels so good to be productive on a Saturday but looking forward to our day of rest tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

So much for rest, we rremoved our pool from the yard and helped load it into a friends truck. 4HRS!!! No rest there, and then becky denied me XBOX time after all my hard work. Just kidding, we watched a movie together and it was nice time alone. Kids asleep.

Danielle said...

i did a quick update to my laundry room last night... made curtains out of pillowcases. still had to spend $9.99 on the pillowcases and $4 on the rod. $8 is impressive!

Mandie said...

It looks great, I wish we did more projects in our house! Projects around here are like trying to get Joe to go to the doctor or dentist ... very challenging and they don't happen often!