Feb 22, 2011

White Doors.

The latest project over at our house was a doozy.  I finally decided that the old dark wood doors in our house had to go.  New ones were going to cost $65 each (x 10 doors) so we opted for a $15 can of paint instead.  This project involved removing the doors, unscrewing all the hardware, rolling 3 coats of paint on each side (no way I was brushing that many doors), then installing new doorknobs and rehanging the doors.

I wish I had a better before and after because it really does make a huge difference.  The hallway seems lighter and bigger now.

The other major change around here happened in the kitchen.  We have french doors (really "door" since only one opens) that are dark, impossible to clean, and don't match the cabinetry.

Here's a peek from our walk through of the house last April.

After a little inspection of the doors I noticed that the grids over the windows were just screwed on with a couple screws.  Aaaaaa, angels sing!  I was quick to remove them and look!

The whole kitchen looks more open.  I was so happy with this easy fix that I decided to go one step further and paint the doors to match the rest of the trim in the house.

I can't believe the difference this made.  My brother thought we bought new doors.

Go us for being thrifty!   So glad this project is done though.

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Lisa said...

For reals! Looks great! Although, I am a wood girl myself. (In some houses). It totally opened up yours, and what a great feeling of accomplishment! We are updating the kids' bathroom, it has dark peach walls and shiny gold (brass) fixtures. Amazing what a little paint and new fixtures does. Truly amazing. Fun!