Jan 10, 2011

Snow Day Productivity

Well.  Woohoo for John being home today!  We were able to enjoy the beautiful snowy views out our windows and also finish up some projects that have been hanging around.  Let's recap the snow day adventures so far.

John and Carson went out early to explore the snow all over our yard.  An ingenious system of Wal-Mart bags under shoes was invented for John (need boots!).

John enjoyed some video gaming with Mike (also stuck at home today).  He also helped me finish up the buffet project and painted some crown molding in the living room.  The crown was coming down in several spots and he nailed it up for me, caulked it, then helped me paint it (the previous owners had never painted it!).

I spent about 4 hours (thanks to Johns help with the kids) painting all the crown, base boards, quarter round, and door frames in the living room.  The wall behind the couch got a change of paint color too.  Thank you Nate Berkus for your I-hate-accent-walls statement which made me me completely unsatisfied with my green accent wall.  I finished up the mini living room redo by switching around all the wall decor.  Whew!

(Just look at that beautiful painted-all-one-color-not-falling-down crown molding!)

The final project to finish up was the new chair covers I've been working on.  I made slipcovers for our dining room chairs once before.  They took forever!  A few days to make a sample, create a pattern, and cut out fabric - then, about 3 hours of sewing per chair cover.  Yeah, I wasn't going to do that again.  

I got an old sheet and started draping it around a chair until I found a drape that would work.  I made one sample and loved it!  These covers are just one large piece of fabric with some strategically placed ties.  Each cover requires 2 yards of fabric (after washing - lesson learned) and about an hour to make.  That's easy enough for me to change my mind about the color at least once a year!  I know myself so well.

Lastly, a little bit of kiddie cuteness.

Big fat *sigh* for completing some projects that have been running through my mind for months.  Now time for a relaxing night - eating BBQ Chicken Ranch Pizza and finally watching Inception.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea to use those cabinets in the kitchen! Looks great! You always amaze me with your craftiness.
~Kelly Brenneman

Kim said...

I don't know how I feel about his comments on the accent wall...I almost kinda still like them? But he's such a genius so I dunno. I always like your colors so I'm sure whatever you choose will be perfect. Did you like Inception?

Anonymous said...

No comments on the potato sack chair covers huh?
Kim, Inception was very good.
And I wish becky would give some of this energy away also, that way I wouldn't feel the effects of these projects so much.