Jan 21, 2011

DIY Bow Holder.

Because I am a recent bow addict... this week's Friday craft project was a bow holder.  Thought I'd share how I did it since it was super easy and could be FREE if you have the right supplies on hand.  You will need:
  • an old (or new frame) - no glass required!
  • fabric that is 2" wider & taller than your frame (I bought a fat quarter from Wal-Mart - they are around $1.50 and come in tons of cute patterns)
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun
I had to take a picture of my supplies because look at the picture in this old frame I found!  Cute little John.

First take your frame apart.  Take the glass out and store it some place if you think you might want it later.  You just need the frame and the back.  My frame was cheap and only had this cardboard backing.  I laid it out and cut my fabric to be about 2" wider and 2" taller than the cardboard (I trimmed the top and bottom after this picture, sorry).

I ran a strip of hot glue across the bottom then folded my fabric over the glue.

Glued all 4 sides.  Don't worry too much about how it looks - no one is going to see the back!

Next I laid out my ribbons and positioned the fabric covered cardboard over it (right side down for both ribbons and cardboard).  My ruled cutting mat came in handy for spacing the ribbons evenly.

Took my hot glue gun and glued each ribbon piece up around the back.  The ribbons should be tight so that they'll hold your bows.

Put the fabric covered cardboard back in the frame (which I spray painted) and voila!!

Look how cute!

Still looking for a solution for all the headbands though.  I'm thinking a piece of wood with a row of hooks that I can hang under the bow holder.

I love being crafty!

Another crafting tip:  You can easily make a dry erase board using this same method.  Wrap your fabric around your cardboard but don't add the ribbons (or do if you want your dry erase board to have columns for days of the week or rows for members of the family!).  Keep the glass in the frame and put the fabric wrapped cardboard behind it.  You can write on the glass with a dry erase marker and have a cute fabric pattern behind your notes!

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Karen Z said...

This is so cute. You could totally sell this with the Hair Bow lady. Love it!