Jan 29, 2011

A closet makeover story.

Today was a b-e-a-utiful day.  Gorgeous.  Loved our little taste of spring.

John was off all day (yes!) so we went to the park and enjoyed some ice cream after.  Carson got to ride his 4 wheeler (twice) and treated us to a super long nap and an early bedtime.

In between our family time we managed a quick makeover of Carson's closet.  I love that I can say "we" because I really wasn't expecting John's help on this one (except for maybe some lifting and tool tips).  This was one of those projects that probably wasn't exactly necessary.  The kind husbands maybe don't understand.

I mean the closet did have shelves and was fairly organized.  But it was dirty and it has been gnawing on me since I skipped painting it when I originally painted Carson's room.

I forgot to take a before picture, grrr.  Basically it was like this:   (Yes, I did include a shot of the yucky baseboards.  Just so you can understand how desperate the situation truly was.)

The clothes were hanging in the niche to the left of the doors - not at all easy to get to.  There was a large black wire shelf in the middle of the closet holding all the toys.  In the right niche there were narrow wood shelves holding his books.

Here's an idea of everything that came out of the closet and had to fit back in.

It took a little while to get everything out, demo the old built-in wooden shelves, and fill all the holes.  John pitched in and painted the closet so I just had to cut in and paint the really gross baseboards.  Ahhh, so clean!

I agonized over how to hang the shelves.  Carson's closet is a good size and he doesn't have many hanging clothes so our main need in there is space for toys and books.  The closet goes about 2 feet to the left and right of the closet doors so I had a great little niche to install some toy shelves.  For now he will have plenty of room to put toys and things on the floor and eventually (when the cars and trains and tractors have gone) he'll have space for larger items.

Still working on a few narrow bookshelves on this side.  Maybe someday he'll use the shelves for shoes.  But really (who am I kidding?) we'll probably be in a new house by then!

By the end of the day the closet was put back together.

And Carson's room was back to normal (except for the piles of books).


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Jason and Gretchen said...

Ahhh, Success! I love that feeling!