Jan 3, 2011

1st project of the new year

I mentioned we did some garage organization this weekend.  One of the garage projects was clearing space for a work bench for John.  We had this area:

Disclaimer:  This is not my junk!  This was one of the pictures I took the first time we looked at this house.  Can you believe all that crap!

Instead of making a new workbench we decided to remove the upper cabinets.  It was a great solution and led to my first big project of the new year... a built in buffet/desk area for the kitchen!

Luckily those upper cabinets were actually 2 separate cabinets so we were able to install them like so:

There is a handy little gap where I can tuck a stool.  Excited to be able to pay bills or write letters in this area. The extra storage is going to be so nice since I don't have a pantry.

So far I have removed the doors, primed everything, and done 2 coats of black paint.  Since I won't be able to match the color of the kitchen cabinets I decided to paint it black (the color of the dining table and an accent color throughout the kitchen).

I debated about the counter for the buffet.  Again, can't match the kitchen counters so we bought a nice piece of wood ($26!) and I'm going to stain it the color of the cabinets to bring some warmth to this side of the kitchen and hopefully tie everything together.  Hopefully it will match.  

The whole project should come in less than $50 (board, primer, new knobs, stain).  Excited with my thriftiness!  Thanks to my wonderful husband for all his help on this project.  Can't wait to see how it turns out!

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