Nov 29, 2011

Around the house update.

Our home project posts are pretty much nonexistent these days.  I think the bathroom did us in.  You may remember this post where I talked about wanting new bedding for our bedroom (yep, it was from May).  I finally got 'er done about a month ago.

I was inspired this picture I found on pinterest.

I was looking for an accent color and just loved the coral.  Maybe not John's favorite but we've been married long enough now that he knows I'm not going to go for navy and hunter green. Ha.

So I found a new quilt at Ross for a steal and made some new shams.  John even helped me hot glue some coral ribbon onto our lampshades.  What a helper he is.

Still need to line the drapes behind the bed so that the offset window behind them isn't so glaringly obvious.  I want some more coral in the room too.  Needs more color.  At this rate I'll probably get that done in 2013.

A few months ago John stripped the deck so we could re-stain it.  The main areas are done but all the rails and exterior are not.  Now that it's cold and wet who knows when that will get done.  It's looking good though!

This weekend I finally did a quick sewing project I've been putting off for over a year.  In 2009 I made us stockings.  I bought enough for 4 since we were trying to get pregnant.  Lucky us I got pregnant the month after I made them and now (2 years later) we have a matching set.

Still missing a fireplace though.  Next time.  You hear that honey?

Nov 7, 2011

DIY TV cord cover

I made something this morning and I thought it was pretty hand so I'm sharing.  We've had this little problem in our bedroom for over a year now:

Yucky cords.  I was going to order a cord cover from amazon for about $16 but then thought I could probably make something pretty easily.  If you have the same dilemma and want to DIY a solution you need this:

  • A cardboard tube (mine was the center of a roll of fabric) cut to the length you need
  • Scissors
  • Paint (wall color)
  • Paintbrush
  • Flat head thumb tacks
  • Hershey Kisses (optional)
First, cut your tube down the middle and fold in each side about 1/2 inch (enough to fit the width of your thumb tack).  Down to 4 Hershey Kisses now.

Position your tube on the wall where you want it then open it up and secure one side to the wall with your thumb tacks.  Be careful not to pin your cords!

Bring the tube around and capture all your cords inside.  The shape of my cardboard was pretty stiff so on the other side I just needed a top and bottom tack to keep the tube closed around my cords.  I cut a little slit at the top and bottom and used more tacks to secure (I was out of flat heads).

Then I painted my tube.

Done!  Not quite dry yet but I wasn't patient enough to wait.  

Took about 20 minutes and completely F.R.E.E.  No Hershey Kisses left though.

Go me!

Sep 29, 2011

Fall is out.

Last week I built a shelf in the kitchen.  Oh yeah.  I've been wanting a spot for seasonal decor (that the kids can't reach) and the kitchen seemed the most logical place.  Since I spend what feels like most of my time there.  

I'm actually pretty proud that I managed it on my own.  Bought the big huge board, cut it down to the right size, sanded it, painted it, nailed in the brackets, hung the shelf, and attached L-brackets up top to make it more sturdy.  Getting it up there was an interesting sight that involved bar stools, buckets, and books stacked on top of the bar until I found the right height.

I really should have waited for John (since he would have done it in like 10 minutes and it took me an hour) but I wanted him to come home and be impressed with my handiness.  Gotta keep things exciting, right?

Every day I move around my accessories (like a dork).  I made a little candy corn banner to "fall" it up a bit more.  It's reversible to a leaf print that says "Happy Fall".  Fun, right?!

Oh, and I labored over that "skirt" on the bar too.  I was over the black paint and wanted to add some color.  That thing took me 8 hours but it was SO worth it.  Even my husband appreciates it.

Jul 12, 2011

Summer Plans

Our Etsy and EBay shops will be closed July 12-July 20 while we catch up on orders and enjoy some vacation time. Our Etsy shop will reopen with a limited amount of our products until August 6, but you will still be able purchase those ever important oilcloth beach bags when we reopen on the 20th, so never fear! Thank you for your patience and continued support!

Jul 11, 2011

The Bathroom is DONE

Almost 4 months after this demo post, the master bathroom is done!!  We've actually been using it for about a month but I've spent the last couple days painting trim and doing some finishing touches.

Then tonight I went a little crazy with the camera.  A million pictures for what feels like a million hours of work.  Ha.  I should talk.  Really it's my darling husband that did most of the work.  I was more in the inspiration camp for this project.

Here's a little snippet from that demo post...

Budget:  $1,000 (or less, we're thrifty people)
Time Frame:  Hoping to be done by May 1st
Potential budget buster:  Frameless glass shower doors

So how did we end up?

Budget:  I would guess somewhere in the $1,300 range.  Not too bad but definitely not within our budget (are we ever?)
Time Frame:  Um, it's July 11th, so a little over 2 months past the deadline
Potential budget buster:  No shower doors.  Turns out we didn't need any one budget busting item.  We can go over budget all on our own.  We did manage to keep ourselves from buying the usual celebratory towels we purchase when we finish a bathroom makeover (big or small - we love us some new towels).  I really want them though.

On to the pictures... before and after style.

So much more space with this pedestal sink.

Love this cabinet instead of the previous shelves.

Just, whoa.

Not missing that yucky door.

Or this blue tile.

Yep, we did that.  Always a good feeling.

Favorites:  love this sink ~ shampoo shelf ~ so glad John suggested the glass tile accent ~ we left the window open one morning and a little bird friend flew in (and "christened" my shower curtain - gross)

There it is folks.  No more master bath remodel talk for this gal.  As we speak my husband is fixing these problems and then we'll be done.

What's next?  Getting rid of the bees that are inhabiting the old A/C unit on our deck.  Then possibly painting the kitchen grey.  I am so over the green.

Jun 14, 2011

The Anti Progress

This post goes out to everybody who says our projects always turn out so well and go so smoothly.  This is how our hallway and guest bath and basement and master bath are looking this evening:

It all started with trying to improve the ugly shower knobs we were too cheap to replace before we did the new tile.  Then there was a water spraying event in the bathroom (all 4 of us were in there).  That resulted in me frantically trying to stop the flow of water while John ran to shut the water to the house off.  Then the baby slipped in the water that was everywhere and bashed her face on the shower ledge.  Poor baby, no blood but definitely a bruise.

So now my dad is here trying to save us and we still have no water.  Oh yeah, and somewhere during this... the water in the shower (from the big leak) was supposed to drain down through our new shower pan but the shower drain is apparently clogged (from some construction debris no doubt) so the water backed up and leaked into the basement.  That's what that big tub's all about.

I just want to hide in the bathroom with bubbles and a good book.  But there's no water.

Jun 6, 2011

Almost. Done.

With any luck, we'll be showering in here by the end of the week.

May 26, 2011

Will this bathroom ever be done?

Here we are almost a month after our deadline...

The shower tile is DONE.  (Sorry about the cell pictures, camera is broken).  I doubt I will ever be able to convince my husband to do subway tile again.  It took forever.  I love it though.  We still have to grout (and remove those spacers obviously) then finish up the plumbing.

John got started on the floor today but we ran out of gooky stuff so it will have to be finished up another day.

Once the shower is finished and grouted we just have to install baseboards, crown molding, and other trim pieces.  A few paint touch ups and we'll be done!  Only a month late (hopefully).

You may remember from this post that I wanted to find an extra long white shower curtain.  Well I've searched and searched and just could not find one for a price that I would actually pay.  However, in my search I did find this little number:

I just fell in love with those ruffles at the bottom.  Poor John.  After concluding that there was no way I would pay $212 for this curtain (at Horchow) I did a little thinking and decided I could make it.  I found a thick white flat sheet at Goodwill for $1.99 and hemmed the bottom and sides so that it would be the same size as the extra longer shower curtain liner I ordered from  Then I found some scrap white fabric in my craft closet and made the ruffles (doubt I will ever do ruffles again - SO much work).  Ta da!

Extra long shower curtain for $1.99.  Can't wait to see it up!

- - -

In other news, the basement is slowly coming along.  The new furniture and TV are here... (John is already making good use of it)

... and I've made a little progress with filling the blank walls.

I'm loving my circle art in the "kid" corner.  Scraps of craft paper cut into circles and mod podged to a white wrapped canvas I used a coupon for.  Still looking for ideas for all the other walls and fun fabric to cover the tan throw pillows on the couch.

There you go.  Consider yourself updated.

May 13, 2011

11 Incomplete Projects

We are doing a few quick updates to the basement.  It was a gross mud/melted chocolate ice cream color when we moved in and basically felt like a cave.  If this space was only for John it may have stayed cave-like (per his request) but since it's also my craft space and the kids main play area I wanted to brighten it up a bit.  First up was light grey paint (our mother's day project) but it is still not quite finished... thus the post title.  And since I love lists...

1)  I've got a lot of other little projects going on but let's not forget the big one... the bathroom.  Just waiting for John to be off again so that we can finish the shower tile.

2) Put all the switch and plug plates back on and replace the random black plugs with white ones.

3)  Paint and install molding around "craft center" to make a frame.  By the way, this is easily my favorite part of our new improved basement and SO easy to do.  Notice my subtle white chevron stripes?  I was dying to have chevron somewhere.

4)  Finish grey paint.  It may be hard to see but I haven't painted all the way around the inside of the windows.  I have some new roman shades coming to replace these beat up blinds (got 'em on EXTREME discount at JCPenney - yay!) and I'm waiting for the new shades to get here before I remove these blinds and finish painting.  Our basement at night gives me the heebie jeebies so I need the blinds.

5)  Our basement sports a really hot suspended ceiling (thank you previous owners) so I decided to spiff it up with some paint (surprise?).  John declared that I was completely on my own for this one and I've been doing it in small sections because my arms are SO sore.  I have one small-ish section left.  I painted it grey - one shade lighter than the walls.

6)  I was over the red curtain we had hanging so moved the old drapes from our bedroom down to the basement.  They are a little long so I need to hem them.

7)  Trim.  Blech.  I hate painting trim but there are yards and yards of baseboard and crown molding that needs to be painted.  Especially in spots like this where my husband (the official wall roller) missed.

8)  Curtains.  You can't tell from this picture but those stripes are a dark teal.  My budget for this basement is basically non-existent so I found an old white bedsheet (left over from another project) and made some short curtains.  Then painted stripes on them with a $2.50 paint sample from Lowes.  One down.  Three to go.  I hated them at first (that's why I only made one) but their lightness is growing on me.  Especially when I think about the dark cherry bamboo blinds I eventually want to get for these 2 windows to replace the old blinds.  I know you're reading this honey, thoughts?

9)  I took this bookcase off the wall (it used to be where the new craft pegboard is).  I am loving it for my new craft corner but it needs some paint.  I'm thinking the teal color from the curtains?  Maybe with bright yellow for the back of the shelves?  That will go with the DIY art I have in mind for above the couch.

10)  My dad made me this handy thread holder a couple Christmases ago.  Need to paint it and hang it.

11)  Lastly, need to find a new home for the couch.  It's on craigslist so we'll see.  Has to be gone by next Friday because that's when the new one comes.  New couch = reason for my non-existent makeover budget.

Well, there you go.  That's what is running through my mind lately.  I'll have some completed before and after shots hopefully in a couple weeks.

May 5, 2011

Bathroom Update Plus 5

Alternate Title:  Lowes Loved Us Today

John was off today and we did some major work in the bathroom.  Major like John went to Lowes 6 times.  Thankfully we live about half a mile from said store.

I am beat tonight but every few minutes I wander into the bathroom, turn the (halfway working) light on and smile.

I am in L.O.V.E. with this sink.  Ahh, the bathroom feels so much more spacious now.  In a perfect world the sink would be moved to the right a bit but the sink drain could not be moved so I'll deal.  I try not to look over here:

At least we only have the easy parts left!  Tile is nothing compared to the tedious pursuit of plumbing perfection.

And while we're talking about almost done home improvement products I'll give you a little preview of our bedroom.

It's getting there.  I love my curtain wall but don't like my too thin curtain solution so I'll be searching for some kind of cheap material to use for lining.  Haven't figured out my bedding/pillow idea or re-hung any art/pictures.  Once I get to this "almost" spot I tend to get tired and wait months for the finishing touches.

Oh, and in case you spied the sleeping sweetie on my bed - here's a close up.

Oh, the cuteness!

May 3, 2011

That Darn Deadline.

Well... it's May 3rd.  And the bathroom's not done.  But we did make a lot of progress last week.  Just a reminder again what it looked like before.

Last week John worked on drywall and then sprayed on texture.

I painted yesterday and here's a shot from last night.  Can't wait to see it with the crown molding up!

John started installing the tile last night.

Hopefully tonight we can grout and then we'll have a toilet and a sink, woohoo!  The shower will be the final project.  We may have gone over our deadline but I'm thinking it'll only be another week or maybe two.  Then we'll be on to the next project (I've already started painting)... the basement.