Dec 7, 2010

unsettled (update)

You may remember this post where I was going through a bit of a home improvement phase.  I think I am safely out of said phase now.  I got most of what I wanted to get done - done.  Plus a little bit extra too.

The plumbing problems are fixed and the holes in the bathroom wall are gone.  So is that ugly heat lamp in the ceiling.  John put up some little hooks for the kids towels too.  Caaute!

That window without curtains got some thanks to our fabulous new Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I was crafty and made some circle shelves too (thank you Nate Berkus - you are my favorite!).

The brass light fixture got a coat of spray paint and now matches the bath fixtures and the new towel bars John helped me install.

And I even managed to transform some old frames with spray paint and new mats.  Love the idea of having pictures of my bathing cuties in my "new" bathroom.

Other changes include a rearranged living room.  The television got moved out in an effort to limit our TV time.  Still need to move around some mirrors and artwork but it's nice to have so much space to play in there as a family.

And a repainted kitchen.  This wall was ivory and I am really loving the green.  I made some new curtains too and I'm going to be making some new slipcovers for the dining chairs.  The black and white was getting old.  I have some old red ones on the chairs now but I'm on the hunt for new fabric.  Not sure what color yet?

That's it for now.  The past 2 weeks have brought new tires for my car, a new lawn mower, a new car for John, the Christmas decorations, and quite a bit of rearranging around the house.  I'm ready to spend my afternoons laying in bed staring at my sweet girl.  No more projects 'til January!


Anonymous said...

Thank Goodness

Becki said...

I wish I could bottle you up and carry you around with me to give me some extra motivation for my own house. ;)
I've never thought about spray painting light fixture..I think I have that same one that needs a re-do.