Nov 16, 2010


I am going through one of my home improvement phases.  I've felt it coming on since Emily was two weeks old but hoped the lack of sleep would hold it back.

Last night Emily slept like a CHAMP.  Next to our bed.  In her car seat.  Only woke up twice to eat.

So it's only fitting that after my very refreshing night of sleep it hit my with full force this morning.  There is something in just about every room of this house that is driving me NUTS.

I took a little walk around the house to document some of my main frustrations.

John, you may want to stop here.

We'll start with my bathroom.  When we moved in it had the grossest white mildewy grout.  John has scrubbed it numerous times (I was pregnant and incapable of scrubbing - ha) and it remained disgusting.  Having undertaken a couple of expensive and time consuming bathroom renovations we decided to just clean it and live with it.

Until last week.

John decided to scrape out the grout and replace it.  He did a great job and our powder blue tile looks like new!:

Unfortunately, the handy husband is not such a handy plumber and the new shower head he installed is leaking.  So we are using the guest bath.  Which brings me to the next problem:

Yeah.  Attractive, right?  John did that the week before Emily was born.  The tub/shower in the guest bath has had issues since we bought the house.  It started with a drip (noted in our home inspection) and turned into a leak (when John tried to fix the drip) and is now several leaks.  We can use the shower and bath but they leak.

So I have a really lovely bucket in the middle of my laundry room (below said bathroom) and all my fabulous shelves are in the downstairs closet... awaiting their return to the laundry room.

Having my bathroom(s) and laundry room in this state of upheaval is driving me bonkers.  Also, since I am spending more time in the guest bath.  I have noticed other things in there that I want to remedy.

Like the window with no curtain:

the old (not working) heat lamp (top right):

and the hideous brass light fixture (and matching towel holders).:

I have plans to visit the fabric store this week for material for the curtain.  I'm also hoping to replace the brass towel/toilet paper holder and try out a project I saw for updating the light fixture with spray paint.  I'm pretty sure I can just remove the heat lamp and put a cover over that hole.  However, the plumbing issues are beyond me.  It may be time to call in dad.

I'm trying to distract myself with laundry:

and a big pot of soup (inspired by Camille):

and staring at this sweet baby girl:

Unfortunately, the distractions aren't really working.  Tonight is John's man date night (video games) so maybe I can escape to the fabric store.  I would love to post some "after" pictures on here.  Anything that doesn't involve diapers, discipline, or breastfeeding would be a treat.


Becki said...

I LOVE the last line of this post..."anything that doesn't involve diapers, discipline..." :)

Jenifer said...

I love that shirt...I think we need to see a close up of it! :)

the Nest Keeper said...

um. official diagnosis: MAJOR after-birthing hormones. Girlfriend-- get that baby AND that other baby and LEAP into your bed with stacks of books and color. Hug and slobber and kiss all over them. Laugh ALOT. let the dishes and projects and laundry pile up. then put them to bed -- eat that yummy looking soup with your man, and then do more of the same... All the rest can wait. i KNOW it's hard through the holidays.... but i (PROMISE) you aren't going to remember the folded laundry. But one day when that cherub is 14, you WILL still remember that kissable spot on the top of her smell-good head and how you thought your heart would burst open seeing your husband asleep with baby atop his chest lying next to you. MERCY...THAT IS THE GOOD STUFF*