Oct 19, 2010

Old Navy sale.

I may have mentioned before how much I love Old Navy.  I really think I could shop only there.  Lame, I know, but I just love the convenience of shopping for everybody at one store.  Obviously I am not crazy into fashion.

Anyhow, they are having a fun sale right now and I had to share!  This only applies if you have an Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic credit card.

Buy any adult item get any kids item FREE!

I thought this sounded like an interesting idea so we went tonight (with Emily in my Moby wrap - which ROCKS by the way).  I figured the adult item could only be full price items but the sale items (not clearance) are included!   Also, the kids item can cost more than the adult item.  Crazy, right?!

So I got an $8 boatneck shirt (on sale) and got Carson new jeans ($16.50) for free.  John got some khaki pants for work (that were on sale) and we got Carson corduroys for free.

Is that not awesome?

I am wondering now if the sale applies to things like kids winter coats.  I mean could I go tomorrow and get another boatneck shirt and get Carson a winter coat for next year for free?  That seems too good to be true but I may have to go back to find out.

This sale goes through Thursday I think so check it out!

p.s.  Is it ridiculous that I feel mad that there are people out there - without kids - that are buying adult items and not getting the free kids item?  

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