Aug 21, 2010

The baby room.

Well I've been waiting to post this until the room was perfect.  I think I've decided it will never be perfect.  I didn't have this problem with Carson.  Something about having a girl has made me a little nutty when it comes to nursery preparation.  Maybe because she's my girl.

So here it is so far.  I absolutely LOVE it - even if there are some things about it that are still a little iffy.  Also I'm waiting for some artwork from this Etsy store.  Isn't it cute?

Emily's Room

Already the typical girl... look at that closet full of dresses!  She better not be a tomboy!

Oh and just for fun... a before.  (cringe)


Jason and Gretchen said...

She may be an enigma like my daughter, an absolute tomboy who loves to dress up - Go figure that one out? The room looks awesome!! Absolutely incredible!!

Mandie said...

Fun, fun. I have something to add to her closet, hopefully you don't already have it. I'll have to mail it you sometime soon!