Aug 24, 2010

Etsy Love.

I am sooo addicted to Etsy right now.

Why are there so many adorable girl things to choose from?  It is just killing me!  Thought I'd share some of my favorites.  I am really hoping these items find their way into Emily's room at some point in the near future.

Super cute butterflies to decorate some bare spots on her walls (only $10!).

This little hat is so adorable!

And so is this one.

And this one.

So maybe these bloomers aren't a must have but look how sweet?!

Love this little outfit.  It comes from one of my favorite Etsy stores. M.E.K.O. Kids is a company in my old home town (Lakeland) and I lust after their little pillowcase dresses.  I really need to learn how to make pillowcase dresses!



A couple announcements:

1) We regret to say that currently we are not offering diaper bags or our zippered three-in-one make-up bags.  Thanks for your patience as we hope to be able to offer them again soon!

2) Join our facebook page here and find out how to be entered in a drawing for a free unlined XL oilcloth tote bag, valued at $30!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Aug 21, 2010

The baby room.

Well I've been waiting to post this until the room was perfect.  I think I've decided it will never be perfect.  I didn't have this problem with Carson.  Something about having a girl has made me a little nutty when it comes to nursery preparation.  Maybe because she's my girl.

So here it is so far.  I absolutely LOVE it - even if there are some things about it that are still a little iffy.  Also I'm waiting for some artwork from this Etsy store.  Isn't it cute?

Emily's Room

Already the typical girl... look at that closet full of dresses!  She better not be a tomboy!

Oh and just for fun... a before.  (cringe)

Aug 20, 2010

Stools finished.

What an awkward title.  Especially when you see the post that is going to be next.



Thanks Gretchen for the free bar stools!

Aug 11, 2010

projects a plenty

I've been excited to get to some of the projects that have been waiting for the wedding craziness to be over.  So this week I am...

  • Getting all Carson's fall/winter clothes from the last 3 years ready for consignment.  They are actually done - ironed, tagged, pinned, and hung.  If only I had realized that I forgot to REGISTER for the sale that starts next week!!  Here's hoping they'll let me register late!

  • Going through all of the baby stuff/girl clothes and getting Emily's closet organized.  I was longing for a little bit of blue in her pink room so I painted her closet blue and put up a new closet system.

    You're also going to get a little sneak peak of the colors in her room.  There's been a little bit of demo and a lot of hole patching so the painting has been taking forever.  Doesn't help that I'm adding some chair rail to the room.  It seems that I don't do anything the easy way but it's going to look awesome when's it's done (I hope!).

  • Our friends Gretchen & Jason (John's tuesday night video game date) gave us some bar stools that were taking up space in their garage.  I've been meaning to give them a little makeover to match our kitchen.  So last night I sewed new covers for the seats and tonight John's going to help me cut the legs down a bit (they are bar height and we need counter height).  Then they'll get some black spray paint and voila!  Almost free bar stools!