Jul 3, 2010

Tiling & Tote Bags

Boy have we been busy!

Tiling is ALMOST done.  We have a few more pieces to cut and then the grouting.  It already looks much better and cleaner!

A little before and (almost) after:

Tile is my absolute favorite flooring.  I love how cold it feels on your feet and how smooth it is.  I would tile my entire house but I am coming to realize that in Tennessee (as compared to Florida) tile isn't quite so popular.

So we are trying a new adventure... wood!  We did some laminate wood in our last house and liked the look and thanks to a good deal at a local salvage place we have picked up some hardwoods for the living room.  I'm a little nervous about whether we can handle it but I laid out a couple of pieces this morning and I'm super excited about the color.

Uck, look how ugly our current flooring is!  Can't wait for the new stuff!

As far as the tote bags go... that is the other part of the busyness around here.  I have been sewing tote bags like crazy!  Rbtbags got a couple of large orders for large unlined tote bags (190 to be exact!).  My mom has actually been doing some sewing too and it's nice to have the extra money but we only have 50 done - 140 more to make in the next 3 weeks (before I stop sewing to prepare for my sister's wedding).

In addition to that order we have been selling extra large tote bags like crazy in our Ebay store (the one that I manage).  Who would have thought so many people want enormous tote/beach bags!  Really, they are a nice size.  I'm thinking about upgrading to the extra large one for our next beach trip so I only have to carry one bag.  Anyway, I have been sewing those bags too which has left me pretty worn out.

I may be headed to Louisville on Friday for a much needed girls weekend.  Hoping everything works out for that!

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Jason and Gretchen said...

The tile looks awesome!! Can't wait to see it in person, and I love the wood.