Jul 9, 2010


We have a number of flowers in our yard that are beautiful, but I only know what one of them is officially called. Any help naming these flowers would be appreciated.

I know this one - Tiger Lilly.  Which I believe may have some pretty strong orange pollen.  When touched to a little boys hair - it makes him appear to have highlights. (a little cool looking)

This almost has a lilly type of stem, currently growing in what i hope to be my fire pit come winter.

This is a tree next to the covered porch. Just started blooming.

This is a vine in the front yard growing and weaving it's way through my hedges.

This looks like a tree right now. That's because someone planted it next to a 4x4 post and it now has a thick trunk and grows up like a tree and out like a vine.

And last, this great smelling purple flower.  Getting pretty big in size now.

If I could authorize a giveaway like Becky did for the first person to successfully name all of these flowers, I would.  But I can't.  So sorry.


Mandie said...

I think the "tree" next to the covered porch is a Hibiscus plant. I THINK!? Lots of beautiful flowers and plants!

Camille Platt said...

2nd pic, blue, looks like hydrangea

Wilkie said...

With help from the man who knows,
1)Garden phlox (tall)
2) Althea/Rose of Sharon
3) not sure - still looking
4) trumpet vine
5) Butterfly bush