Jul 22, 2010

bargain delight.

Do you find curtains as difficult as I do?

It's so hard to find the perfect shade or print and then when you do they inevitably cost $80 a panel or some such nonsense.

Well our living room is a very neutral light khaki color with a green accent wall and I have been searching (and searching) for a patterned curtain with an ivory background and bits of red and green mixed with other colors.

I found this duvet cover from pottery barn that was PERFECT!  I was thinking I could buy the king version and cut it apart into curtains.  The only problem was that the duvet cover was $129, yikes!

So one day I decided to search through all of the Ebay listings for curtain panel pairs (yeah, there were like 39 pages of them).  It literally took me 2 hours but I ended up finding these...

...FOR $6.99!!!  I couldn't believe nobody else was bidding on them?!  I think they are even more perfect than the pottery barn ones would have been.

I am in love.  Can't wait to add some red to the room.  Maybe some pillow covers?  Also I have begun the search for artwork to put above the piano.  Something to incorporate all these colors without being too modern or too traditional.  And it needs to be reasonably priced.  Sounds like that's going to be a tough one.

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