Jun 2, 2010

The little things.

I left my paper towel holder attached to the wall in the last house.  Bad idea.  Who knew paper towel holders could be so pricey?!  Basically there was the $1.99 option and the $14.99 and up options (and I went to 5 stores).  I have purchased the $1.99 holder before and Mike and John griped endlessly about it because the roll fell out if you pulled too hard.

After 2 weeks without a paper towel holder and daily searches for the paper towels around the house (and in a moment of weakness at Bed Bath & Beyond)... I purchased this paper towel holder...
The perfect tear chrome wall-mount paper towel holder.  It was (gasp!) $14.99.  All the way home I thought "I need to go back and return this thing."  But then John installed it.

Okay, let me tell you folks.  This is the most wonderful paper towel holder ever.  It holds the paper towels perfectly so the tube doesn't wiggle around and it has some sort of clicking rotating mechanism that allows you to pull just ONE sheet with ONE hand.  No more accidentally pulling off 8 sheets because you didn't pull right.

Oh yeah.  I'm in love.

It's the little things.

Sidenote:  Remember the post where I griped about my dishwasher and disposal?  Well a disposal has been purchased and we're picking up a new dishwasher on Thursday!  Woohoo!

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mmckenzie said...

I am amazed at how much you guys get accomplished in each house! Probably because you guys can do most of the work yourselves... we are not as handy and therefore everything costs more (labor)!

I thought of John, Mike and your dad today and wished one of them was nearby to come help Joe with the blasted lawn mower! haha!