Jun 8, 2010

kids rooms.

Third post in a row folks.  I'm on a roll this morning.

Carson's room got a couple of coats of blue paint last week.  I went ahead and hung up his pictures too (even though some of the frames are empty).  Still working on pulling the airplane/train/car look together but it least it isn't puke green striped anymore.


Yesterday the (yet to be named) baby's bedding arrived.  I love it even more than I did in the pictures.  I am really stumped as far as paint goes though.  I want to do a different color on top and bottom.  There are so many colors to choose from in the bedding.  Any ideas?


mmckenzie said...

Could you use two shades of light pink? I think that would be pretty.

Julie Marie said...

I love how it says "kids". yay for a little sister for Carson

Lisa said...

Your house looks awesome! Where is it? (message me on fb or something). Your baby bedding is beautiful and I know pink and green is so popular, but a girl, come on, pink is almost necessary! On the contrary, I kinda like the blue, maybe blue and green? You're probably blue-ed out though. Can't wait to see what you pick out!

krhughston said...

I think the pretty darkish pink tones of the roses in the bedding would be gorgeous on the bottom with a lighter color on top! Maybe one of the yellowy creams or the light greens?