Jun 23, 2010

Crafty Day.

I was feeling crafty today.

This morning (while doing laundry - ugh) I was depressed by the gross-ness that is my laundry room.  Someday I am going to paint all the pipes and cement the same color and hope that makes it more cheerful.  I can't see doing any more than that because it is just a laundry room.  But for now I made this colorful curtain out of oilcloth.  Fun!

Don't you like how my bra is hanging?  Just keepin' it real folks.

I then felt inspired to be more crafty.  I found a bulletin board in the storage closet (don't know where it came from?) and decided to paint the frame black and create a family message center in the kitchen.

I think we are finally at the point where a monthly calendar will come in handy so I am keeping an eye out for one.  Not sure if I want it on the fridge or added to this wall but here's the message center so far.

I'm still feeling creative but a little deflated because during my crafty time I forgot that I turned the hose on to fill the pool up a little.  2 hours later...  I spent 15 minutes in the blistering sun figuring out how to drain some of the water BACK out of the pool so the pump will run correctly.  I am dreading this month's water bill.  Guess I can't be mad at John anymore for doing the same thing last week.  

I'm guessing the next outlet for my creativity is going to have to be these boxes of tile.

Really looking forward to saying "adios!" to the peel 'n stick tile linoleum in our kitchen and entry.  Not so much looking forward to the sore back that will come from all this tile and grout.

At least I won't be bored.


Jason and Gretchen said...

Love your craftiness! Mac was just asking about Carson before bedtime, we'll have to get those boys together more!

Mandie said...

I love the curtains in the laundry room! They are fabulous!!! I love the family message center too. If you want to, you can print your own calendar each month so you can design it they way you want to. That's what I do, then I just adhere it to my scrapbook pages and have it in my scrapbook so I know what happened when. I know you don't do many traditional scrapbooks, but it may be fun to have calendar scrapbooks only and you can put actual "scraps" in there too, like fun cards you've received that you want to keep or keepsakes!