Jun 8, 2010

a place to run and play.

Our yard is the biggest "before" we have in our new house.  Pretty much everything in the house was updated 10 years ago (right before the previous owners bought the house).  They then proceeded to do nothing (but have children) for the 9 years they owned the home.  Not that I am bitter or anything.

Last night as I was watching John and Carson play in the yard it just struck me as kind of sad that they let the yard become so overrun.  You can see where it was once fabulous.  The good news is...  it will be fabulous again!  Someday.

We've already had a bunch of friends over but for those who haven't been here yet... wouldn't want you to miss out on the before if all you ever see is the after!

Covered porch that you access from sliding doors in the basement.

Lots of trees (translation:  lots of bugs).  Notice the funny looking metal thing in the middle of the picture?  Our good friends the Platts got us a disc golf goal for a housewarming present.  Definitely something we have already used a lot.

From (almost) the back corner of the yard.

Carson and John enjoying our nice weather last night.

The deck.  Don't even want to think about how much work this is going to be.

The still green but getting bluer pool.  I wish I had the energy to go out and take a picture right now because it is BLUE!  Yesterday I went to the pool store and got some very specific instructions on his to get it blue and it worked!  I am super proud that I did it all by myself.

I know John is really looking forward to all the landscaping and yard work (seriously folks).  I just try to breathe slowly when I look out the back windows and think about the cutting, hauling, planting, sanding, staining, and clearing that will be done in the next year.

It helps that there are a lot of beautiful plants to distract me...

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mmckenzie said...

I like the flowers, they are beautiful! I am glad you can focus on the positive! Older homes/neighborhoods do tend to come with lots of yard work, whereas newer neighborhoods come with Snoopy size trees. I've told Joe many times I just want some Snoopy trees because of all of the yard work that never stops!