Jun 28, 2010

And the winner is...


Look at us freshman year of college!

So I wrote down all the names and put them in a hat and Kim's name came out.  Yay for Kim!  Let me know what color you want.

I'm not sure how successful my little experiment was.  I loved all the comments and there were a few new commenters but there are still some mysteries out there.  I did find that the giveaway was pretty darn thrilling for me.  I'm going to have to come up with some other reason for a giveaway.

Thanks everybody for the comments.  It was fun!

Jun 23, 2010

Crafty Day.

I was feeling crafty today.

This morning (while doing laundry - ugh) I was depressed by the gross-ness that is my laundry room.  Someday I am going to paint all the pipes and cement the same color and hope that makes it more cheerful.  I can't see doing any more than that because it is just a laundry room.  But for now I made this colorful curtain out of oilcloth.  Fun!

Don't you like how my bra is hanging?  Just keepin' it real folks.

I then felt inspired to be more crafty.  I found a bulletin board in the storage closet (don't know where it came from?) and decided to paint the frame black and create a family message center in the kitchen.

I think we are finally at the point where a monthly calendar will come in handy so I am keeping an eye out for one.  Not sure if I want it on the fridge or added to this wall but here's the message center so far.

I'm still feeling creative but a little deflated because during my crafty time I forgot that I turned the hose on to fill the pool up a little.  2 hours later...  I spent 15 minutes in the blistering sun figuring out how to drain some of the water BACK out of the pool so the pump will run correctly.  I am dreading this month's water bill.  Guess I can't be mad at John anymore for doing the same thing last week.  

I'm guessing the next outlet for my creativity is going to have to be these boxes of tile.

Really looking forward to saying "adios!" to the peel 'n stick tile linoleum in our kitchen and entry.  Not so much looking forward to the sore back that will come from all this tile and grout.

At least I won't be bored.

Jun 8, 2010

kids rooms.

Third post in a row folks.  I'm on a roll this morning.

Carson's room got a couple of coats of blue paint last week.  I went ahead and hung up his pictures too (even though some of the frames are empty).  Still working on pulling the airplane/train/car look together but it least it isn't puke green striped anymore.


Yesterday the (yet to be named) baby's bedding arrived.  I love it even more than I did in the pictures.  I am really stumped as far as paint goes though.  I want to do a different color on top and bottom.  There are so many colors to choose from in the bedding.  Any ideas?

a place to run and play.

Our yard is the biggest "before" we have in our new house.  Pretty much everything in the house was updated 10 years ago (right before the previous owners bought the house).  They then proceeded to do nothing (but have children) for the 9 years they owned the home.  Not that I am bitter or anything.

Last night as I was watching John and Carson play in the yard it just struck me as kind of sad that they let the yard become so overrun.  You can see where it was once fabulous.  The good news is...  it will be fabulous again!  Someday.

We've already had a bunch of friends over but for those who haven't been here yet... wouldn't want you to miss out on the before if all you ever see is the after!

Covered porch that you access from sliding doors in the basement.

Lots of trees (translation:  lots of bugs).  Notice the funny looking metal thing in the middle of the picture?  Our good friends the Platts got us a disc golf goal for a housewarming present.  Definitely something we have already used a lot.

From (almost) the back corner of the yard.

Carson and John enjoying our nice weather last night.

The deck.  Don't even want to think about how much work this is going to be.

The still green but getting bluer pool.  I wish I had the energy to go out and take a picture right now because it is BLUE!  Yesterday I went to the pool store and got some very specific instructions on his to get it blue and it worked!  I am super proud that I did it all by myself.

I know John is really looking forward to all the landscaping and yard work (seriously folks).  I just try to breathe slowly when I look out the back windows and think about the cutting, hauling, planting, sanding, staining, and clearing that will be done in the next year.

It helps that there are a lot of beautiful plants to distract me...

Jun 2, 2010

The little things.

I left my paper towel holder attached to the wall in the last house.  Bad idea.  Who knew paper towel holders could be so pricey?!  Basically there was the $1.99 option and the $14.99 and up options (and I went to 5 stores).  I have purchased the $1.99 holder before and Mike and John griped endlessly about it because the roll fell out if you pulled too hard.

After 2 weeks without a paper towel holder and daily searches for the paper towels around the house (and in a moment of weakness at Bed Bath & Beyond)... I purchased this paper towel holder...
The perfect tear chrome wall-mount paper towel holder.  It was (gasp!) $14.99.  All the way home I thought "I need to go back and return this thing."  But then John installed it.

Okay, let me tell you folks.  This is the most wonderful paper towel holder ever.  It holds the paper towels perfectly so the tube doesn't wiggle around and it has some sort of clicking rotating mechanism that allows you to pull just ONE sheet with ONE hand.  No more accidentally pulling off 8 sheets because you didn't pull right.

Oh yeah.  I'm in love.

It's the little things.

Sidenote:  Remember the post where I griped about my dishwasher and disposal?  Well a disposal has been purchased and we're picking up a new dishwasher on Thursday!  Woohoo!