May 13, 2010

off we go.

So today is the big day.   Moving day.  I am having a little bit of a hard time breathing.  I think it's partly stress and partly emotion over leaving the house.

I just keep reminding myself that we are almost done and the new place is going to be awesome (well eventually it will be, after painting and some minor renovations)!  Oh, and for mother's day we ordered a new stove!  My current stove is 15 years old and I have to rotate my food halfway through the cooking and set the temperature for 25 degrees less than the instructions.  Also it is not self cleaning and has the coils which are SO hard to clean when you spill everything.  So yeah... I'm super excited about the new stove.

Ta da!

Moving is pretty much the only excuse for your house to be a completely unlivable disaster so... I took pictures!  Here is our big mess!

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Camille Platt said...

uh yeah definitely a mess. sorry we can't be much help tonight. daniel is still willing to come over after 7, so give him a call.