May 2, 2010


Most of you know this already but we closed on our house on Friday.  The closing wasn't supposed to happen until the 14th but our buyer needed to close early to get the interest rate she needed.

We are so relieved that the closing is done and the cash is in the bank.  Don't have to worry about something going wrong anymore!  Plus the buyer is letting us stay in the house for 2 weeks (rent free!) until the closing on our new home.  It was really a blessing how all of this worked out.

I'm still plugging away at the packing.  My lack of boxes is slowing me down.  Anybody know where I can get boxes?

We are getting SO excited about moving in to the new house.  The yard and back deck are going to be lots of fun in the summer months.  I realized I haven't shared a picture of the new place yet.  Isn't it the cutest?

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