Apr 14, 2010

the new place.

So... they didn't accept our offer but they came REALLY close with their counter.  So we are accepting their counter, woo hoo!

My brain has completely skipped over the packing and has moved on to paint and decorating.  I've got some fun new challenges this time.  Including... removing wallpaper, painting over FAUX/SPONGE PAINTING in almost every room (ick), making a tiny master bath look a little bigger, and decorating a kitchen around light maple wood cabinets.

Want to see some "before" pictures?

The living room... AHH the paint.  Oh it kills me.  The floor isn't much better.  Gotta love home improvement projects (yeah, we actually do though).  The other side of this room is RED floral wall paper.  Good times.

Kitchen... I LOVE this kitchen.  So spacious!  The whole kitchen has a nice cream beadboard paneling on the walls... except behind the counters.  WHY would you do green sponge painting under the cabinets?  WHY?  So not sure what I'm going to do there yet.  Oh, and John told me I can get a new stove, sweet!

But all of the home improvement projects will be worth it because in a few short weeks I will be relaxing my pregnant butt on this deck...

or in this pool...

Bring on the boxes!!

Apr 12, 2010

Oilcloth Koozies

The season for cold drinks is upon us.  Along with cold drinks comes that little thing we like to call "condensation."  I don't know about you, but I prefer liquid to stay inside my cans.
So, we created a solution.  Our oilcloth koozies allow you to sit back in that lounge chair and enjoy that cold refreshment while keeping your hands dry.  Sit back, drink up and enjoy!

Apr 4, 2010

Weekend Getaways!

Our oilcloth tote bags would make great companions to the beach and lake this summer.  Combine a couple of them with our three-in-one cosmetic bag and you're set for a weekend!