Feb 15, 2010

rbt Bags Back to Basics Collection

For those of you who don't really dig flowers (no pun intended), we are sympathetic.  Oilcloth is designed and produced in Mexico; from start to finish, this product was meant to reflect the warmth and excitement of the authentic Mexican culture, as well as to honor its Spanish traditions.  Translated: it's hard to find an oilcloth pattern that doesn't have bright, bold flowery patterns on it somewhere!  However, we don't want to exclude you non-flower lovers any longer, so we searched the depths of the oilcloth archives and came up with this, our Back to Basics Collection.

We are slowly making all of our products available in this combination of red and black polka dot, gingham and plaid patterns.  We really like the subtlety of these designs and colors; it has all of the best of what oilcloth has to offer in terms of form and function, but without all the frills.  Even flower-phobic husbands might be willing to hold these bags while you're in the bathroom!  Check out our Etsy store for products now available in our Back to Basics Collection and keep checking back as we add more.


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