Feb 22, 2010

Blog to Book.

I ordered my blurb book last week!   For those who weren't around for that entry, blurb is a site that will turn you blog into a book.  My friend Camille got hers and it was fabulous.  I loved reading it (even though I've already read every entry in her blog, funny how that works).  Anyway, I was super jealous so I finally went ahead and ordered mine.  I've been waiting until I had some extra cash.  That was never going to happen.

For those of you interested in turning your blog into a book... more info about turning your blog into a book.
  • the software is free and can be downloaded here
  • once you download the software you can search for your blog and select the blog entries you want to include in your book, they will then be uploaded and (if desired) auto-filled into your book
  • you can then edit the layouts and entry information.  this is super easy but takes some serious time if you are planning to do a whole year like I did.  still, nothing compared to the time it would take to scrapbook all of it.
  • my hardcover 8x10 portrait style blurb book is 240 pages long
  • my book contains all of my blog entries from Sep 2008 (when I started the blog) through Dec 2009
  • my book has 1,241 color pictures in various layouts and all of the text from my blog
  • my book cost about $84 - that price includes tax and shipping 
I did a little price analysis to compare the cost of blog to book to the cost of a scrapbook.  Before I go into my analysis I will say that I actually do scrapbook.  Carson got a book for his 1st year and he will get a book for every 5 years of his life.  I find scrapbooking relaxing and just couldn't give it up altogether.  But I couldn't justify scrapping all our family photos when I am already blogging them.  So in lieu of a "family" scrapbook I decided to print my blog.

The analysis...
  • Cost of blog to book (sep 08 - dec 09):   $84
    plus my butt being glued to the couch as I blog and then later download my entries into my blurb book (which I now do weekly so I don't have a massive amount of entries to do at the end of the year)

  • Estimated cost of scrapbooking (sep 08 - dec 09)
    - pictures:  1,241 @ .09 each (WalMart price) = $111.69
      not including tax - yeah that's already more than my blog book cost
    - scrapbook:   4 albums with 40 pages + page protectors = $380.50
      a Creative Memories album can hold 40 pages... let's say we fit 8 pictures on a page... it
      would take 4 albums to hold 1,241 pictures
    paper/stickers/glue:  we're going to estimate low here and say $50 per album for a total of $200

  • Results:

    Blog to book = $84
    Scrapbook = $692.19
Can we talk about SAVINGS here people?!!

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Camille Platt said...

you forgot the countless hours cutting and pasting together a book. and trying to come up with cute new layouts. gotta love the digital world!