Nov 22, 2009

Back and at it again.

Last night I got back from a quick trip to Florida.  I drove down with my grandma on Thursday, went to see New Moon (which was AWESOME!) and attended a friend's wedding on Friday, and drove back to TN with my sister on Saturday.  It was a ton of driving but worth it!

I got right back into the swing of things today setting up my sewing room!  Since our house is for sale (long story, basically no rush we just would like to have a bigger yard so we're going to see what happens) we rearranged some rooms.  All the rooms in this house are kind of small and all of our furniture is kind of big.  Really not that big of a deal to us but we figured we would rearrange some stuff to make the rooms show better.

So the king bed that previously took up our whole room went to the garage > the queen bed that was in Mike's room downstairs came up to our room >  the twin bed in the man room went into mike's room (as did the big tv) > and we ended up with an empty room for my sewing stuff to go into!

I have been doing quite a bit of sewing lately and it has been a hassle to have all my stuff spread throughout the house.  I can't wait to go down there in a little while and enjoy my "new" space!

The pictures...

Our "bigger" room.

Mike's new man room/bedroom.

My sewing room!

The only downside of the rearranging so far... after sleeping on a king bed for a couple years a queen bed feels terribly cramped.


Camille Platt said...

wow your room really does look bigger

krhughston said...

WOW it makes such a difference! You're smart to stage the house to sell it- it's amazing how little things can affect people's opinions about the house. I love the man cave and your sewing room looks great!