Nov 24, 2009

Redbox Revelations.

Does anyone else love redbox as much as me?  Movies at your fingertips at a moment's notice = brilliant idea!   In the past we have had Netflix and we occasionally reinstate it to watch a series (we just watched the Jesse Stone series which I highly recommend - Tom Selleck is such a dream boat).  But now that redbox is here I just don't like that pesky 2 day wait for my Netflix movie (even if their selection is by far superior to that of redbox).  We have a redbox less than 2 minutes from our house.

I have recently learned two things about redbox that I feel led to share.  You may already know them.  Kuddos to you!  But if you don't these will save your heartache (slight exaggeration) and money.

1)  You can RESERVE movies at!!  This is the link.  If you have ever gone to your redbox hoping for a specific movie only to find that it is already checked out you will appreciate this as I do.  Just select your movie then put in your zip code.  It tells you which redbox location has your movie.  Then you click reserve (after providing your credit card info).  You have 24 hours (maybe more) to go to that location and get your movie.  Just swipe your card at the machine (must be the same one you used to reserve online) and voila!  This is especially enjoyable when the person behind you at the redbox realizes that they aren't getting that movie because you, being a savvy renter, previously reserved it and there are no more left.

Only downside to this method... you can't use those handy free movie promo codes.

2)  Twice in the past month I have been over-charged for my redbox rental.  They said I kept my movies longer than 1 night (I always return my movies after 1 night).  The first time they refunded me but the second time I called the toll free number to find out what was going on. 

Turns out it was my fault. 

Sometimes I run my movie up and slide it in without waiting to get a confirmation that it was returned (Hey!  I have a 2 year old waiting in the car!).  The very nice redbox lady informed me that since I didn't wait the disc may have been rejected and somebody else took my movie and enjoyed it for a few days... on me! 

Moral of this story... always make sure that after you return your movie you get the "your DVD has been successfully returned" screen. 


Nov 22, 2009

Back and at it again.

Last night I got back from a quick trip to Florida.  I drove down with my grandma on Thursday, went to see New Moon (which was AWESOME!) and attended a friend's wedding on Friday, and drove back to TN with my sister on Saturday.  It was a ton of driving but worth it!

I got right back into the swing of things today setting up my sewing room!  Since our house is for sale (long story, basically no rush we just would like to have a bigger yard so we're going to see what happens) we rearranged some rooms.  All the rooms in this house are kind of small and all of our furniture is kind of big.  Really not that big of a deal to us but we figured we would rearrange some stuff to make the rooms show better.

So the king bed that previously took up our whole room went to the garage > the queen bed that was in Mike's room downstairs came up to our room >  the twin bed in the man room went into mike's room (as did the big tv) > and we ended up with an empty room for my sewing stuff to go into!

I have been doing quite a bit of sewing lately and it has been a hassle to have all my stuff spread throughout the house.  I can't wait to go down there in a little while and enjoy my "new" space!

The pictures...

Our "bigger" room.

Mike's new man room/bedroom.

My sewing room!

The only downside of the rearranging so far... after sleeping on a king bed for a couple years a queen bed feels terribly cramped.

Nov 10, 2009


I had a grand and elaborate post planned about the eternal search for jeans and how we buy pair after pair but are never completely satisfied but I've lost some steam.  So I'm just going to say that I saw an Oprah show the other week about Oprah's favorite jeans.

Her favorite were somewhere in the $100 range but they did share some budget friendly jeans that were fabulous for "real" figures.

The jeans are by Lee and are advertised as "no gap".  Translation:  when you bend over to pick up the crumbs your 2 year old scattered about the room you crack won't be showing.

I have to say that I was skeptical but I headed over to my local Kohls (with a $10 off coupon) and found the jeans on sale for $26, sweet!  I tried on several fits (they have trouser, boot leg, and straight) and loved the straight.  And there is NO GAP!  These jeans stretch perfectly over my booty but stay tight at the waist.

Ahhh.  New favorite jeans.

Nov 2, 2009


Don't know if any of you love old navy like I do (??) but they are having a SALE!  I think it's a good one, 30% off your whole purchase if you apply for/use your Old Navy card.  Granted you have to have and Old Navy (or Gap or Banana Republic) card.  They have all their mens/womens long sleeve casual shirts on sale for $7 so you can get them for $4.90!  I am trying so hard to restrain my self from going again.

Oh, and also I think they are still giving out those recycled shopping bags when you use your card.  Bring the bag back any/every time in December and get 10% off your entire purchase.