Oct 3, 2009

JJ Cole.

This should not be the first thing I post about after coming back from my vacation but I am just too excited!

JJ Cole is one of my absolute FAVORITE baby product companies.  I have their logic diaper bag, system diaper bag, picnic blanket, pacifier pod, crib set, bib, and stroller straps.  LOVE their stuff.  Well about a month ago I became their "fan" on Facebook.  Today when I was checking the massive amount of e-mail I have from vacation I found a message from them.  I won a hamper and 2 storage bins.  Awesome!!  About $60 worth of product for ME for FREE.  And I got to pick the color.  Ahhh.  Life's little joys.

They do giveaways every month for their fans.  Also they don't have many fans yet so I think the odds are better to win.  There's a link on their website if you want to become a fan and maybe win some super cute baby stuff!

Look how cute!!

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