Sep 21, 2009


You'll never guess what I'm doing?  Redecorating my bedroom!  Yeah maybe not the biggest surprise since I have redone pretty much every room in this house twice.  The challenge of a super thrifty update is just too much for me.  So the idea for our bedroom was to get out of the teal/brown phase I have been in for like a year.

I have been wanting Euro pillows (the big square ones) for some time but the cheapest I have ever seen them is $15 each and since we have a king size bed we need 3.  Definitely can't justify $45 for pillows when we already have EIGHT on our bed.  Our room is so small that when we take all the pillows off the bed to go to sleep we can hardly walk around the room!   My father's advice before we moved:  don't buy yourself a king bed right before moving because you never know how big your new room will be.  Should have listened to that one because now that we've had the king we can never go back.  Do we really need to be able to walk around our room?  Nah.

Back to the pillows...  I was thinking about the dilemma of how to get the Euro pillows without having to pay for them.  It finally occurred to me to turn my existing king size pillows (that we don't sleep on because they are too big) into Euro pillows.  Voila!!  I made pillow cases out of an old sheet and took the stuffing out of the king pillows to form the Euro pillows.  FREE!  Also we will only have 7 pillows on our bed now.  A minor improvement but an improvement nonetheless.

Then came the search for Euro shams.  HOLY COW!!  Did I know these things retail for $50 each?  No.  The cheapest I could find them on clearance (in an acceptable color) was $12 each.  Again, I need 3.  So after a considerable amount of searching I found a gorgeous curtain at JCPenney on clearance for $15.  I am in the process of turning that fabric into my shams (you can see a little bit of the fabric in the preview below).

I also recovered my toss pillows, found some red accent stuff around the house and relocated it, and am trying to figure out how to get this above the bed (only with a P obviously).

This post is titled preview because I can't bring myself to share a picture of the room in its current uncompleted state.  So you're just going to get one picture.  I learned how to do piping yesterday (the white stuff around the edge of the throw pillow).  Oh the JOY of creating and repurposing!

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