Sep 18, 2009

Fall has arrived.

Fall arrived at our house today.  A friend of mine blogged about her fall decorating and I thought "what I am waiting for!"  I mean I am going to want to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving which only leaves me 2 months to have some fall decorations up.  And Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so I want to enjoy it for as long as possible!

I haven't decorated in 2 years (last year we were in an apartment) so I was prepared to go overboard.  Then I got down the "Fall Decor" bin from the garage.  Yeah, so there were 2 things in it.  What happened to all the fall stuff I thought I had?!  Pretty ridiculous considering there are 11 bins and an assortment of Christmas village boxes full of Christmas decorations.  I bought a few things today but just can't make myself go all out because I know this stuff is going to be crazy cheap in mid-November.  I also redid my wreath with some fall items from Hobby Lobby (oh, how I LOVE Hobby Lobby).  So for this year we'll just make do with our little bit of fall... but watch out 2010!

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