Aug 29, 2009


Sewing has really become my passion. I would say it has officially replaced scrapbooking as my favorite hobby (still not ahead of reading though). Sometimes I can't sleep because I'm thinking through a bag or some other sewing project. Last week I finally sat down to learn how to sew a zippered pocket on the interior of a bag. John can attest to how thrilled I was when I got it right the first time. What an awesome feeling creating something! My bag with the zippered pocket.

I think most of you know I do piece work for a local company. The products are awesome and so much fun. The company (rbtbags) has started doing home shows so I thought I'd share that in case anybody is interested. Send me a comment if you are interested in finding out about the hostess benefits. Here is a link to their Etsy store:

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Jason and Gretchen said...

I've always wished I knew how to sew. Just never learned!