Jul 22, 2009

Blue paint

I feel overwhelmed by blue paint lately.  It is on every t-shirt I own (why can't I just wear the same shirt every time?!).  It is in crusty marks around all the sinks that I will have to clean when this is all done.  It is even in my hair and it won't come out.

That being said... I got bored (and motivated) yesterday and started Carson's bigger little boy room.  I took apart his crib (I didn't even shed a tear) and brought up his twin bed from the Man Cave.  My grandma bought Carson some airplane sheets when she visited a few weeks ago and we have some adorable antique planes from my baby shower (yeah, I told people he was going to have an airplane nursery and then changed my mind so the planes have been sitting in a closet ever since).

So yesterday I painted some BLUE on the walls (more blue paint, aaahhh!!) and today I'm going to paint some of the furniture/frames/lamps (I am in love with the idea of a red lamp).  Also there will be a thin white chair rail between the blue and brown eventually (just so you can picture this, I know you want to).  Here's what I have so far...

Carson in his big boy bed during his nap (before I hauled up the bed frame)

And ready for bed!  I LOVE the twin bed.  It is awesome to be able to lay next to him and read him books before bed.  And if he wants to play with his choo choo for hours (which he does daily) I can lay on the bed and watch him (or possibly drift off for a few minutes).

I think I owe the productiveness of this day to my friend Camille who went walking with me this morning!  I had so much energy all day.  So excited that our walks are going to become a regular activity!


Jason and Gretchen said...

I love the airplanes!

Wilkie said...

Love it. Boy rooms really are fun. Someday I'll pull the train and cowboy fabric and accessories out of the closet and finally finish Nathaniel and Thomas's room - probably in time for grandkids!