Apr 8, 2009

Spicy BBQ Chicken & Ranch Pizza

The Rachel Ray show had this contest last week for people to make the best easy party recipe.  The top 2 were this pizza and a white chicken chili.  The chili won but we haven't tried that yet.  This was AWESOME though.  I'm not going to put all the measurements for the ingredients because it's kind of just an eye it kind of dish.  Very easy.

Spicy BBQ Chicken & Ranch Pizza

2 cans crescent rolls
BBQ sauce (we used Kraft Hot BBQ)
2 cups cooked cuped chicken
Real bacon pieces
Grated cheddar cheese
1/2 cup ranch dressing
1 tbsp chili powder

Spread crescent rolls on baking sheet to make the crust for the pizza.  Cook crust per package directions (just like how you make crescent rolls).  Spread BBQ sauce on cooked crust.  Top with chicken, bacon, and cheese.  Cook (at same temp as for crust) for 5-7 minutes, until cheese melts.  In a plastic bag combine ranch dressing and chili powder.  Snip corner of bag and drizzle ranch over cooked pizza.

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