Mar 7, 2009

rbt Bags Roll 'n Stash Feature

Our large and XL unlined tote bags come standard with an attached piece of elastic to allow for our roll 'n stash function.  You have the option to add a velcro closure to the lined version of these bags, which also allows for the roll 'n stash function.  The roll 'n stash function enables you to roll your bag up and store it closed, while it's not in use, so that you can conveniently "stash" the bag away until it's needed again!  The bags are available for sale at our Etsy shop.

Below are instructions on how to use the "roll 'n stash" feature of our tote bags.

How to roll up the lined large and xl tote bags with the velcro closure add on:

How to roll up the unlined large and xl tote bags:

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